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NODA is a national volunteer-centered program that  supports  terminally/seriously ill or dying individuals who have no family or friends or whose relatives and friends are unable to be by their loved one’s side in their last moments of life. NODA was founded in 2002 in Eugene, Oregon and Comfort Homesake Inc.  in Oakland, CA began the program in 2016 serving Alameda County residents.

A compassionate volunteer conducts a visit or stays by the bed side; in homes , hospitals and care facilities. During the visit, the compassionate companion(s) can talk/read, hold hand(s), or just offer a loving presence  to the patient.

Please support us by making a donation to help ensure that individuals who are perhaps homeless; un-befriended; or whose family is out of state, die with dignity and companionship.  Click the "Donate"  button to make a donation.

Comfort Homesake’s No One Dies Alone Volunteer program is Ubuntu..." Human Being".   

Join us as a donor or volunteer. Email info@comforthomesake.com for questions.