About Comfort Homesake


 Comfort Homesake  is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic and  multi-faith non profit organization of volunteers and  professionals committed to improvingfor seriously and terminally ill patients and their families. As an advocate for quality care during life’s most vulnerable times, during old age or advanced illness, it is our mission to connect individuals with the information they may have never thought to seek.



These are the facts*

  1. 60% of people say they do not wish to burden their families or loved ones with tough health care decisions, 44% have taken action.
  2. 70% of people say they would like to die at home but 70% of peope die in hospitals or nursing homes
  3. 82% of people say if they were seriously ill,  they would to talk to their doctor about end-of-life care. Only 23% reported having a conversation with their doctor.






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