About Comfort Homesake

Over nearly ten years, the vision of Comfort Homesake has evolved away from our original concept of building a hospice facility.  While we have offered hands-on hospice-volunteer and in-home care services as a small portion of our services delivery, our real strength, we have found, is educating and advocating around end-of-life care.

Today, Comfort Homesake comprises a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-faith association of professionals, each with a unique personal discipline and approach to understanding and improving end-of-life care.

 Our Board of Directors currently includes representatives from the arenas of hospice administration, business and entrepreneurship, public relations, academia, and media.  Comfort Homesake’s organizational diversity not only advances a broader understanding of the need for culturally-competent end-of-life support; it also creates a dynamic that fosters a climate of respect and inclusion, principles that are critical at the end of life.

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10 Quick facts about Comfort Homesake


Advocacy is a cornerstone of Comfort Homesake’s efforts. We believe in promoting quality planning and care for the elderly and chronically ill.

Every journey begins with the first step.

- Chinese Proverb 



With over ten years of experience advocating for hospice in the Bay Area, in California, and beyond, Comfort Homesake has established itself as a leader in Advanced Care Planning.


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The Comfort Homesake Empathy training program incorporates ground breaking research to help guide groups, organizations and individuals in empathetic care for the elderly and terminally ill.